Heritage Hill Capital Partners

Heritage Hill Capital Partners was founded in 2006 to acquire distressed real estate assets that are normally beyond the reach of average investors.  Our goal is to offer above average returns and portfolio diversification through direct ownership of commercial real estate investments.

Building Wealth Through Real Estate

Commercial real estate has long been considered the Fourth Asset Class but not attainable for most investors due to the complexities of ownership.  With Heritage Hill Capital Partners you can invest along side of industry experts without the headaches of asset management.  Investment in commercial real estate has several unique advantages including:  portfolio diversification, preferential tax treatment, financial leverage, inflation hedge, tangible asset, and consistent income stream to name a few.  Commercial real estate has investment behavioral attributes that are similar to both the bond market and stock market and the risk profile is somewhere between the two.  These factors offer an excellent opportunity to build wealth utilizing commercial real estate.       

   Why Real Estate?

Real Estate offers excellent diversification benefits and steady income streams.  Real estate is normally impacted by different economic events than stocks and bonds.  
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   Why HHCP?

All commercial real estate investments are not created equal.  HHCP is vertically integrated and maintains the utmost control over the investment outcome utilizing our own property management and construction companies.
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